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Location: Work from your, home office, United States
Date Posted: 08-08-2017
ViaSource Solutions, Inc. Offers experienced call center agents the opportunity to work from home 100% of the time! Our established campaigns give you the comfort of set 20 hour weekly shifts with opportunity for growth as you demonstrate your skills and reliability.

Our call center work is done 100% from the comfort of your home. If you successfully pass the interview/verification process, you will be invited to attend a two-day paid training session that demands your full attention. You must participate fully, complete daily homework and quizzes in a timely fashion to graduate to the following day of training and ultimately to the phones.

As you well know, work at home positions are in demand, and fill quickly! Please do not apply without a professional resume or working USB headset. You will need this to complete the interview/verification process immediately following placement of your application. If you are not ready to begin this process, we urge you not to apply until you are ready as applications without this information are unable to be processed. 

Position type:
Lead Generation / Independent Contractor (1099)

$9.50 per hour for time logged in and ready to take a call.
Additionally, we offer weekly direct deposit each Tuesday. (Please note, it does take two full weeks to get into the pay cycle)

Campaign Overview:

This campaign has agents making outbound calls through our dialer to those who have expressed interest in furthering their education. Each caller will be guided through questions to determine their wants and needs which are entered into the system to find matches.

Necessary Skills:
  • An assertive, competitive personality able to drive a consultative selling approach.
  • Follow a script utilizing rebuttals to determine specific needs.
  • Achieve specific sales metrics and maximize sales opportunities on each and every call
  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly.
  • Maintain professional, clear speaking voice with use of proper English at times.
  • Excellent computer skills, to include troubleshooting your system and internet connectivity in a prompt fashion.
  • Available to work a minimum of 20-25 hours per week.
  • Diligent about time management and ability to maintain the agreed upon schedule.  

  • High school diploma or equivalent and one-year of verifiable experience in a call center with sales or customer retention. (NOTE: This position is not Customer Service, and resumes are verified.)
  • All contractors are subject to a Felony Background check - Cost is covered by ViaSource Solutions, Inc.

Hardware Requirements:
Please be prepared to verify all equipment during the certification/interview process visually.
  • Desktop PC or Laptop – Sorry No MACS
  • Operating System of either Windows 7, 8 or 10 Accepted
  • Processor Speed of 1.80GHz or higher
  • Minimum 3.0GB of RAM Available
  • Minimum 17” Screen or monitor
  • No dual monitors, tablets or smartphones
  • Must maintain active virus protection on your computer at all times.
  • USB ONLY Headset - No wireless, Bluetooth, prongs, adapters or telephone headsets.      
  • Laptop users must have and use an external mouse.
  • Must be hardwired using an Ethernet cord to your High-Speed, DSL or Cable internet access. (We do not accept Clear Wireless, Hughes Net or any Wireless, Satellite or Hotspot connections)
  • Minimum ISP download speed of 10mbps
  • A private workplace that is quiet and away from outside noise and disturbance while working.

Software Requirements:
Please download the following free software from the official site before beginning the interview process:

  • Google Chrome - This is the ONLY browser supported while training and working.
  • Join.Me (do not subscribe, merely create a free account)
  • Screencast-o-matic.com - Free software that has been verified safe and is used to conduct your verification/interview so that you DO NOT need a webcam. We will also use this for training and quizzes. Once installed you can record your screen and submit short videos that are in the correct format for our system without the use of a webcam. We use this to visually verify your computer skills, specifications, internet speed, and overall computer competence.

Please check your email and spam filters following placement of your application. Since this is a self-paced automated process, you will immediately receive detailed instructions how to begin. Please read all directions and follow them carefully. Average time from start to finish is 45 minutes to an hour. It is highly recommended you apply when you can see the entire process through to completion.  Once your file has been reviewed, you will receive notification on any suggestions or corrections that need to be made or the overall outcome of the review, regardless of the result.
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ViaSource Solutions, Inc. is proud to offer contracts in the following states:
Alabama Idaho Mississippi New Mexico  Tennessee
Arkansas Indiana Missouri North Carolina Texas
Colorado Iowa Nebraska Ohio Virginia
Delaware Kentucky Nevada Oklahoma West Virginia
Florida Louisiana New Hampshire Rhode Island  
Georgia Michigan New Jersey South Carolina

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