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Lead Qualification Agent - Opt in Prospects from home

Work from Home, Remote, Virtual
ViaSource Solutions, Inc. is a virtual call center in business since 2009 offering an opportunity to those dedicated to working from home. We are currently recruiting call center professionals for our work-at-home lead qualification team. Training classes are being scheduled for those who are ready to quickly complete the certification/interview process and begin training. 


Position type:
Mix of Inbound (lasting roughly 60 seconds) and Outbound calls (lasting roughly 3 minutes or less) - Independent Contractor (1099)

$10.50 per hour

Hours of Operation:
Hours may vary by campaign and will be discussed once selected
Monday - Friday 6:30 AM - 3:00 PM Pacific Time

Campaign Overview:

The nature of the call is qualifying a person's interest in obtaining health insurance. This will require you to utilize multiple scripts as well as use rebuttals effectively. Attention to each piece of the protocol is critical as this is an insurance product, and we must adhere to the script to maintain compliance with the insurance process.

Necessary Skills and Abilities: 
  • Previous call center experience required.
  • Ability to provide excellent customer experience on every call. 
  • Excellent call control and the ability to quickly engage and communicate with prospects over the phone.
  • Determination, resilience and the ability to recite a script and deliver rebuttals. 
  • Comfortable with heavy call volume.
  • Friendly, upbeat, clear speaking voice with the use of proper English.
  • Diligent about time management and shift adherence.
  • Quiet and professional home office free of cell phones, outside disturbances and guests.  
  • Solid computer skills with the ability to quickly learn and navigate new systems as well as troubleshoot system and internet connectivity issues.
  • Knowledge of Windows applications and email communication is a must.

Requirements and Qualifications: 
  • Minimum one-year verifiable experience in a call center. 
  • High school diploma or equivalent. Some college is preferred.
  • Must pass a Felony Background Check. Cost is covered by ViaSource Solutions, Inc.

Hardware Requirements:
Please be prepared to visually verify all equipment during the certification/interview process.
  • Desktop PC or Laptop. Sorry, no Macs.
  • Windows 10 Operating System 
  • Newer Intel i3 Processor with a processor speed of 2.00GHz or higher
  • Minimum 4.0GB of Available RAM (Some campaigns require 8.0GB of RAM Available)
  • USB ONLY Headset. No wireless, Bluetooth, prongs, adapters or earphones accepted. (Mandatory to complete the interview process and be considered for any position. Offers will not be extended to anyone without a proper USB headset.)
  • Minimum 17” screen or monitor. Dual monitors, tablets or smartphones are not permitted.
  • Hardwired, Ethernet connection. (We do not accept Clear Wireless, Hughes Net or any Wireless, Satellite or Hotspot connections.)
  • Minimum ISP download speed of 10 Mbps.
  • Must maintain active virus protection on your computer at all times.
  • Laptop users must have and use an external mouse.

Additional Information:
After successfully passing the interview/verification process, you will be invited to attend training. This campaigns includes a  2 day paid training. 

Please check your email and spam filters following placement of your application. Our certification/interview process is a self-paced, automated process, and you will immediately receive detailed instructions on how to begin. Be sure to read all directions and follow them carefully. The average time from start to finish is 45 minutes to an hour. It is highly recommended that you apply when you can see the entire process through to completion.  Once your file has been reviewed, you will receive notification on any suggestions or corrections that need to be made. Regardless of the result, you will receive notification during the process.
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ViaSource Solutions, Inc. is proud to offer contracts in the following states:
Alabama   Indiana   Mississippi   North Carolina   Tennessee
Arkansas   Iowa   Nebraska   Ohio   Texas
Delaware   Kentucky   Nevada   Oklahoma   Utah
Florida   Louisiana   New Hampshire   Pennsylvania   Virginia
Georgia   Michigan   New Jersey   Rhode Island   West Virginia
Idaho   Minnesota   New Mexico   South Carolina    

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